Excerpted from the Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta – a revolutionary, linguist, scholar, critic, poet, philosopher and a man of deep spiritual realisation. He authored nearly 60 books in both English and Bengali

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This is Part 3 of the Buddha and Shankara series.

Part 1 – When the heresy of Buddhism seized hold of India 

Part 2 – How Hinduism was influenced by Buddhism

This is an excerpt from Nolini-da’s essay titled Buddhism and Hinduism (Vol 2).

Buddhism, or for that matter, Christianity or Mohammadenism or any credal and personal religion, is easy to understand. For they are each of them a single and simple entity, whereas Hinduism is a multiple and complex organism. The difference is that between a tree, a huge mighty tree, may be, and a vast and tangled forest. Buddhism, for example, may be likened to the great Bo tree under which, one may say, it was born; but Hinduism is a veritable Dandakaranya.

Trying to visually contrast Nolini-da’s metaphor of Buddhism (Right, a singular Bo Tree) & Hindusim (Left, the Forest itself)