Timestamps for the podcast linked above

00:00 Welcome and introductions
01:11 Direct message to YouTube censors
03:15 Layers to the story
04:18 Background to the FLCCC
07:42 Bret’s introduction into the treatment
09:07 COVID patients in 2020 and supportive care only
15:14 House calls and deduction in medicine
19:07 Intellectual authoritarianism and medical information censorship
24:20 In the ICU and risk/benefit
29:00 What is ivermectin? History of ivermectin
36:30 Paul Marik
38:59 Juan Columbia with Peru data
41:39 Frustration at response to evidence
47:50 “Steel manning” the scientific response
49:17 Censorship of ivermectin
54:10 Can ivermectin end the pandemic?
54:12 Mexico
57:52 Prophylactic use
01:02:28 India
01:05:34 Remdesivir and how they arrive at treatment recommendations
01:07:00 Opponents of ivermectin – emergency use authorisation
01:09:40 Different standards for ivermectin and vaccines
01:11:11 Who’s setting the standard?
01:13:24 WHO report on ivermectin
01:15:04 Three categories of herd immunity
01:17:00 Long term impacts of vaccines
01:19:15 Sending sick patients home
01:22:31 Will vaccines work against variants? Ivermectin Vs vaccines
01:27:01 Dosage of ivermectin for prevention, exposure, and treatment
01:32:37 Are you an anti-vaxxer?
01:36:17 Ivermectin in Africa
01:38:20 Nursing homes and scabies
01:42:11 Financial incentives against ivermectin
01:46:02 Cortisol steroids and obsession with RCTs
01:53:32 US response to ivermectin – why the US ivermectin response is a sign of the corruption
01:58:07 Other countries benefiting from ivermectin
01:58:57 Independent panels of experts support ivermectin
02:00:47 Point of care ultrasound and team’s credentials
02:04:13 Congress testimony censored by YouTube
02:05:05 Absolute risk reduction of vaccines with ivermectin?
02:10:19 Unnecessary COVID suffering
02:13:07 Lab leak connection
02:14:31 Long haulers and ivermectin
02:15:55 Post vaccine syndrome and ivermectin
02:17:49 Chronic illnesses and RCTs
02:19:37 FLCCC website